OT-2 plasma on-bead digestion and Evotip loading protocol, v1.0

 (select count and starting position)

 (select percentage of peptides to load on Evotip)

 (select tips for handling solvents and beads)

 (select position for magnetic beads in the bead plate)

 (requires one P300 8-Channel GEN2)

 (recommended with the workflow)

 (load two Evotips from each well. Available when loading less than 50%)

 (optional, prepended to protocol metadata description)












Important note for Opentrons 6.3.0

Please manually download and import the custom labware required for this protocol

Evosep 96 Tip Rack 200 µL
Eppendorf Twin.tec 96 Well Plate 150 µL